Who can apply for funding?

    We accept applications from community groups, individuals, charities, non-for-profit organisations and community interest companies, as long as the organisation is a constituted group. 

    How long should my project last?

    We will only fund projects that last a maximum of one year in duration. This criterion is non-negotiable, and we will not accept applications for projects that intend to last longer than one year. All projects must have a clear purpose with visible results and must be no longer than one year in duration. 

    Who decides if my project receives funding?

    All decisions regarding the award of funds are made by the Community Fund Panel,

    Why do i have to provide supporting documents?

    You must provide the required supporting documents in order to give as much information about your organisation and the project as possible. Doing so will give your application the best chance of success. If you do not submit all necessary documentation, we will be unable to process your application. 

    I have two different projects that are both eligible for funding. Can i apply for both?

    No - we can only accept one application per organisation in any one funding allocation.

    • Funding Allocation 1 - April 2019 - April 2020
    • Funding Allocation 2 - April 2020 - April 2021

    What if i have applied to the community fund before? Can i re-apply again?

    We encourage previous applicants to apply in future rounds - If your previous application was unsuccessful, you can apply again but this must be with a different project and you must wait six months before applying again. If your application was successful, you are welcome to apply again, but you must be able to demonstrate that your previous funded project is complete, and that you complied with all necessary funding requirements prior to re-applying. 

    The items i wanted to purchase with the awarded funds are no longer available. What should i do?

    Wherever possible the items will be paid for directly. We understand that there may be circumstances that mean you are unable to spend the money in the way you intended (For example - items are out of stock, installation proves impossible etc) As per the  above, you must contact us as soon as possible if you are unable to purchase the goods as described in your application. You must put your request in writing and provide a breakdown of the revised costs, as well as quotations to support these estimates. Your request will then be considered by the panel, and you will be informed of their decision as quickly as possible. Please note that we cannot guarantee to approve any requests for re-allocation of funds.